Smart tech should exist in the gap between what you want and when you want it. Truly smart control, then, should not feel like tech at all. It should draw no attention to itself while seamlessly delivering. To us, this is the essence of simplicity- the principle we work towards in all our bespoke control systems.

Home Entertainment

We set the industry standard for home entertainment. From immersive home cinemas to discreetly differentiated sound zones, through vintage audio and everything in between: nothing is off limits. Through your individuality and our expertise, we can create a home entertainment system that truly suits you.


No two people are the same. No two homes are the same. No two bespoke smart systems have the same networking demands. We take the polar opposite of a one size fits all approach in providing a network that is proportionate, reliable and secure.


When the design and installation process ends, your dream home experience is just beginning-and to us, your experience is all that matters. That’s why we offer ongoing, round the clock aftercare and support with our Digital Butler service, leaving you to experience the consummateluxury and simplicity of your truly smart home care-free.