Gorgeous Glass Home: shattering expectations



This was a dream brief: our clients were building a sleek modern property just outside London. We were approached to develop a scheme for the networks, lighting, AV, security and heating throughout. Having worked extensively with the client on their Chelsea town-house, they were happy to grant complete creative control of the smart tech.

From the flourishes of detail like the cleverly concealed kitchen television, to the multi-intercom gate solutions and Meridian Audio systems filling the gorgeous home with highest quality sound; the stunning results were a delight to deliver. But the project was not without its challenges. A system of this scale, including 8 TVs and an extensive security system, required substantial network infrastructure. The expansive window walls provide a unique aesthetic edge, but present climate control challenges, especially with a bespoke pool, gym and sauna within the property. We fitted KNX controlled curtains to provide in-house sunlight control at the switch of finger. Further complications were assuaged by careful calibration in the plant room to prevent the heating and cooling systems working against each other. The benefits of an expertly integrated system extend beyond simplicity and ease of use: it can drive efficiency and prevent problems too.

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