Grade II Listed Manor


The project

A former school building, now split into four residences, presented an exciting home automation challenge for our team. The task for the design and build team was to merge two of these properties into one luxurious living space, in line with our clients’ needs.

Introductions came via the design team, and the project was to be managed remotely. Our clients, a British family residing in Singapore, sought a smart home that offered convenience, luxury, and security, all while being easy to use for any family member or visitor.

Our introduction to this project came through the interior designer, Zoe Defert, who had a strong relationship with the clients. With the clients residing in Singapore, we managed the entire design and build project remotely, meeting the clients in person for the first time upon completion.

The brief

The main objective of this project was simplicity, as the clients desired a home that would provide luxury, convenience, and security without compromising ease of use for any family member or visitor.

The result

Given the heavy emphasis on interior design, we ensured that the technology was integrated seamlessly into the aesthetics of the property. Traditional styling and concealed tech were prioritised to ensure the technology did not detract from the overall visual appeal of the space.

To achieve the desired functionality, we implemented a KNX backbone for the automation system. This allowed for the integration of property-wide lighting, heating, security, and audio-visual components. Our team also integrated Basalte with the KNX system to provide a user-friendly audio interface that could be controlled via touchscreens in each room.

For lighting, we opted for traditional toggles with programmed scenes to maintain ease of use for anyone in the home.

At every step of the project, we remained committed to our core values of simplicity, synchronicity, and seamless user experience.

We are proud to have been a part of transforming this property into a luxurious, intelligent home that meets the needs and desires of our clients.

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