In the long pursuit of their dream family, home, our clients had resolved to call off the search, and build it themselves. Their ambitious vision blossomed into plans for a stunning new build nestled in the Hampshire countryside, near the old market town of Petersfield.

From a personal recommendation we were brought onto the project to help instill their dream home with the lifestyle enhancing technologies to match their vision.

While we revel in the challenge of adapting custom smart systems to older, or even ancient homes, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of the ‘blank slate’ approach. Beginning the design process at the planning stage on a new build gives us huge creative potential with the full suite of tech at our disposal.

What are clients’ sought with their smart home was the height of experiential convenience, with a minimalist approach to control. Minimalist, that is, in both the aesthetic sense – with soundbars – and in the simplicity of user experience.

The system encompasses the extent of the property, beginning at the ANPR enabled gates- with cameras securing access to the driveway, which winds to the front door where a fingerprint recognition keypad grants entry to a house with the ultra-modern conveniences befitting our clients’ vision of a dream family home.

The first among many finesses to note are the gorgeous lights throughout the property. We worked with the inimitable Detail Lighting on a bespoke design, providing captivating, customisable smart lighting stunningly synchronised with the house’s interior.

The heart of the home is a stunning open plan kitchen-dining area, framed by vast glass walls from the floor to the double height ceilings. Naturally, these expanses of glass are fitted with custom, KNX controlled roller blinds, providing privacy and temperature management at the switch of a finger.

The smart system itself operates on a capacious KNX integrated system: managing the significant demand placed by the HVAC pressures of the swimming pool, steam room, sauna and extensive glass walling throughout the property. The entire system and all its functionalities are controlled through a sleek Savant user interface, and all the lighting, dimming, scenes, temperature, and blinds are controlled through the same Ekinex switches; in line with our client’s vision for minimalist controls with maximal capability.

Topping the system off in signature New Land style is the array of awe-inspiring audio visual solutions. From the immersive media room, to the high-end outdoor speakers, through the multi-room audio zones powered by understated soundbars befitting the minimalist aesthetic of the home. Whether setting the mood for an ambient night in or an energetic party, it’s clear our clients have something worth celebrating here.

There’s no satisfaction like concluding an ambitious, awe-inspiring project on vision, on budget, and on time. With the fitting complete, we provided the whole family with training specific to their custom system. to ensure the huge potential of this smart home can be harnessed every day, leaving us confident in the enduring value it will bring to their lives.

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