Pitt Street Skate Park


Community Project


The brief

We are privileged to have played a crucial role in the creation of an exciting community project in Portsmouth. The Pitt Street Skate park founders were delighted to receive grant funding to transform a former Sainsbury’s supermarket site into a cutting-edge indoor skate park, providing the local people with a state-of-the-art leisure space.

At the conceptual stage, Luke was introduced to the project team and recognised an opportunity to contribute his expertise in lighting control. However, as the project progressed, it was evident that our company’s audio proficiency would also be invaluable in ensuring the acoustic functionality of the unique space.

The solution

The initial challenge was to design and install a lighting control system that was energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to operate for the skate park staff. Our solution utilised a KNX backbone with a Control4 system to regulate the lighting and AV. The lighting was programmed to work in conjunction with the park’s operating hours and featured zoned control for lighting scenes.

Furthermore, the project required a well-integrated audio system that would play background music without causing noise pollution. Our team utilised audio modelling to select Yamaha linear speakers and built bespoke mounts to hang them from the ceiling to avoid any safety hazards.

The audio system was also linked to a tannoy system to ensure operational and safety announcements were heard throughout the park. Additionally, we were asked to install an access control system that monitors the number of people in the venue for health and safety purposes and provides data for park management and investors.

The result

The result is a bustling community space that opened in 2022 and is already attracting local residents, top skaters, and sponsors. Our building control and audio solutions provide a scalable management system for all building services while enhancing the customer experience. We are proud to have been a part of this worthy project and look forward to continuing to provide reliable and knowledgeable smart tech solutions for future community projects.

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