Client: Quintessential Home Counties Estate




This elaborate smart system operates throughout our client’s family Manor and the outhouses across their estate. We set out to transform this charismatic period property to become a truly modern family home. With this in mind we installed a range of high-end tech, from the magisterial automated gates, to the full-size outdoor pool, home cinema, and even multi-building audio systems. Each facet of the install was unified into one simple system.


With an integrated system of this complexity, operating across acres of rolling countryside- expert maintenance was key. From our remote monitoring, we noticed temperature levels rising in the plant room, the smart-system’s beating heart. We remotely adjusted the filtration and ventilation systems, bringing the temperature comfortably within recommended boundaries. Thus a subtle problem, which, left unnoticed, would threaten the entire system, was solved without interference to our client’s smart-home experience.