One call is all you need

Simplicity and efficiency have always been at the core of our Digital Butler ethos. Home automation technology today is complex and exciting, and taking this complexity out of the equation for our clients is what we do. But the capabilities of modern smart systems extend into all sorts of other areas which are installed and maintained by different suppliers: security systems, heating and electrics to name but a few. So when a client raises a query relating to a component not maintained by us, this can disrupt the process of getting problems resolved. So, in pursuance of the simplicity and efficiency we believe in, we’re expanding our offering.

Our new, premium service will see your problem resolved, regardless of where the issue lies. We’ll identify the fault and contact the supplier who can set it right. No repeating yourself, no need to memorise technical language; all you need to do is call us once. For any issues with your electrical, mechanical, HVAC or security systems, and even your swimming pool; if it’s on your home smart system, you can leave it to us. With our comprehensive monitoring system and market-leading expertise, we can make your problems disappear.

home technology monitoring

Traditionally, Digital Butler’s service begins and ends with management of home automation and control systems. Smart software and devices are the face of the whole home system, so if something goes wrong, it’s easy to think that’s where the problem lies. We field many calls where the cause of the fault is a component outside of the smart system. But instead of being the first call of many, we want to be the first and last step in finding a solution. That’s why we’re taking it up a notch.

As with the standard Digital Butler service, our new premium offering will be bespoke to each home, so prices are available on application. Service areas include HVAC, pool automation, security systems, HVAC, smart system mechanics and electrics.

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