We are pleased to become legendary audio manufacturers’ McIntosh Laboratory’s official integrator within the UK.

Boasting an iconic heritage, McIntosh Laboratory – whose amplifiers powered Woodstock and the Grateful Dead’s ‘wall of sound’ – are a giant among lovers of custom and vintage audio. Our partnership is sure to make some excitement reverberate through the luxury smart home and automation space.

mcintosh system

The collaboration, through McIntosh’s UK distributor Fine Sounds UK, will bring a suite of covetable high fidelity audio components with heritage styling to New Land Solutions’ offering. McIntosh are renowned for unparalleled acoustic engineering, and their speakers, amplifiers and processors can now be fully integrated into automated home entertainment systems, providing a finessed, detailed sound previously unattainable to smart home users.

mcintosh amplifier

‘We’re thrilled to be able to offer a purist solution for audio lovers and discerning music listeners’ says Luke Newland.

As Director of New Land Solutions and self professed retro music lover, the partnership represents a marriage of professional and personal passions. But the combination of nostalgic, purist audio and cutting edge smart tech is far from a niche area- it in fact represents one of the most significant, and fastest growing trends within the AV space in the last few years. Heralded by the ‘comeback of vinyl’, brands have innovated products which allow users to retain the nostalgic allure of the old without sacrificing the connectivity and convenience of the digitised new. McIntosh have been at the very head of this curve, producing audio systems which interface vinyl and CDs alongside modern streaming services, encased in artistic retro finishes. Luke anticipates the McIntosh aesthetic will mark a stylistic pivot for New Land Solutions.

‘For years we’ve been honing the art of concealing tech subtly within interiors, but the gorgeous vintage styling of McIntosh products is something to be celebrated as a feature, not concealed within a design. We’re seeing more and more designs tending toward simplicity, a sort of feeling that now is the time to surround yourself with fewer, better things. So it seems the perfect point to be able to offer a range of products of this class.’

mcintosh mc amplifier

McIntosh previously exhibited their panache for combining high performance technologies with a vintage spirit in their game changing contributions to automotive audio. This included high profile collaborations with Ford and Harley Davidson and in 2020/21, with Jeep. With UK distributor Fine Sounds UK, McIntosh are now making authoritative strides into the luxury smart home market- their partnership with New Land representing the most confident yet.

Fine Sounds UK Sales Director, Andy Oattes says ‘McIntosh group working in a top tier integrator partnership with New Land Solutions is a very logical and natural fit. Luke and his team live and breathe Ci-Fi (custom install fidelity) and we’re very excited about the future music and movie projects that we’ll work on together’.