The lighting automation extraordinaires at Lutron have set a new standard for smart lighting control with the updates to their HomeWorks system.

Lutron have been producing industry-leading lighting automation systems for decades. For much of that time we’ve been proudly installing these systems to many of our projects, so we’re always interested to see what they’re going to do next, and the Lutron HomeWorks update has given us a lot to get excited about.

Lutron HomeWorks boasts a strong suite of user oriented features, positioning the system among the finest on the market in UX terms. The voice control function empowers the user to command the mood, atmosphere and lighting throughout their property without lifting a finger. The voice control can also activate personalised scenes, which can be easily automated via the Lutron app. HomeWorks offers some of the most intuitive yet comprehensive scene automation in the game: users can easily customise the lighting and shading throughout their home, creating scenes to suit their mood or routine. The app can be easily integrated with smart home solutions for audio, security and temperature control, among others.

Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system

Achieving effective, reliable and user-friendly lighting automation throughout an entire home requires a lot of tech doing a lot of heavy lifting behind the scenes. The updated Lutron HomeWorks QSX processor has taken this whole operation up a notch. It might not be the most visible selling point, but more processing power means greater capacity, enabling users to programme an almost limitless repertoire of customised lighting schemes throughout their homes. It boosts the lighting dimming curve and transforms HomeWorks into a more powerful, fast and user friendly system on the whole. The new processor is also DIN Rail mountable which, again, may not sound thrilling to the uninitiated, but it makes the system more compact when combined with other componentry, as well as significantly easier and cheaper to maintain and install. This has huge implications for design, installation and upkeep, and leaves designers precious space and budget resource to be allocated to maximising the style and convenience of a smart home.

Alisse Keypad

With their track record for top shelf technicality, Lutron’s impressive technological improvements are no surprise. But the updated HomeWorks system really shines with its accompanying range of keypads, which brings the style to match Lutron’s technical flair.

Lutron Alisse keypad
Made from genuine materials and available in a variety of exquisite finishes including the signature metal collection
The Alisse wall control integrates cutting-edge technology and timeless design. Engraving allows personalisation with attractive text or illustrative icons.

The sleek simplicity of the Lutron Alisse keypads bring the Lutron offering into line with the aesthetic demands of the luxury smart home market today. To some, the previous Lutron keypads left a little to be desired in design terms, and were often out of sync with the gorgeous lighting they controlled and the style of the properties into which they were installed. In the past, we would ordinarily install a Lutron converter behind a more congruous, custom keypad. As you can imagine, this could add a fair amount of time and expense to a project. However, the new Alisse keypads mean there’s no need to compromise on cost, or style, for substance. The hand-crafted range is designed to elegantly enmesh with a variety of decors, and is sure to make Lutron a popular choice going forwards.

Alisse wall control
The Alisse wall control is available in single, double or triple columns for tailor made button configurations

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